Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery


Cremation Services

Today, more than ever, families are choosing cremation.  This cemetery has offered the service of cremation to Hudson Valley families since 1979.  Our original crematory was created from the transformation of an existing structure here on the cemetery grounds.  Our equipment was installed and operated following the guidelines set forth by the New York State Division of Cemeteries, the agency that regulates all not-for-profit cemeteries in New York State.

In late Spring 2008, our newly enlarged cremation facility was completed.  This facility is totally handicap accessible and includes a Ceremony Room/Viewing Room where family members can gather for a committal service before cremation or as a gathering place for reassurance and closure.  A nominal fee is charged for use of this room.  To avoid scheduling conflicts, your Funeral Home representative must arrange a date and time, in advance, for a committal service.

At Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery we pride ourselves on the service we provide to families in the Hudson Valley.  As a long time member of CANA (Cremation Association of North America), we adhere to the high standards set forth by that association with regard to the management of our crematory that will assure that the process of cremation is not only a means whereby the deceased human body is transformed into its basic elements, but also that the body is afforded respect and dignity before, during, and after the process is completed.  We provide a clean and efficient facility, keep accurate records and protect the integrity of the cremated remains and encourage some form of commemoration of the life of each deceased person.

Family Room

Although cremation is considered final disposition, here at this cemetery, we are committed to serving the needs of each family and we offer many options at varying price ranges to assist families who choose cremation and memorialization.  The role of ceremony and a lasting memorial are important in the recovery process.  We all deserve to know during our lifetime that we will be remembered after our death.

Cremated remains may be interred in the traditional manner with interment in a family plot, single grave, or in a niche within the five phases of the Community Mausoleum.  We offer interior (marble front and glass front) niches as well as exterior (granite front) niches.  Inurnment in a niche in the Community Mausoleum can be comparable in price or less expensive than traditional burial of cremated remains.

Also offered, is a large selection of wood, marble, ceramic, and bronze urns at affordable prices that are guaranteed to fit in all our niches.

In the very near future, a cremation seminar will be held so that the public can view this modern facility and listen to and ask questions of our speaker.  When this has been arranged, it will be posted on our website.